I find myself “rude” for a generation that doesn’t understand anything more than traditions. As if you’re just rude for doing things in a different way. Like greet someone with a hello and a handshake rather than a “Namaste”. I find myself “rude” for a generation who thinks touching  someone else of a different sex… Continue reading Rude

10 Random phrases and sentences I have used this month 

10 Random phrases and sentences I have used this month. 1. Maybe we can jump together. 2. A little nudity doesn’t hurt kids. We should be teaching them about sex and masturbation before the age of 10. 3. OK. Where do I turn from here? 4. Did we meet some days ago or was it… Continue reading 10 Random phrases and sentences I have used this month 

A minute of happiness

I ran out and looked around; she was parking her scooter on the sideway. An old friend I hadn’t met for a very long time. I asked her to come in. My office was on the second floor and it was almost closing time. I’d come down leaving an intern hung up on a question.… Continue reading A minute of happiness

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Those moments I realised you were special: When you called me a pervert for my dark and twisted humor but laughed at the jokes anyway When you left your date and went to the bathroom just to check my voicemails When you kept messaging me when I didn’t want to talk to you When watching… Continue reading Special

When Tragedies become Normal

Regarding the earthquake that happened in India just now, I told a friend that I’ve stopped feeling that earthquakes are much of a tragedy now.. It reminds me of a video by Henry Reich of minutephysics titled “When Insanity Becomes Normal”.. Is it that I have started treating “non-normal tragedies” as “normal events” because they… Continue reading When Tragedies become Normal

Beyond the horizon they say

Beyond the mountain they say Lies a valley full of happiness And I wonder why it is That they say but never go Beyond the ocean they say Is an island made of gold But I’ve seen people come ashore With less than a breadcrumb to their name Beyond the skin they say Lies the… Continue reading Beyond the horizon they say