On Rape

A lot of fuss has been happening about the “rape” cases going on around these days. And it’s not just that I’ve been paying attention to the news more; it has become more general these days. As with the discussion of these cases comes angry accusations where people blame the rapists, the society, the culture and sometimes even the victim for the rape.

The funny thing about the times when people stand up and blame the victim of rape, its mostly that a girl provoked a guy by wearing small clothes. I really don’t follow the logic to this argument. I mean I see many half naked women on TV and other media (forgive me for not being too social) all the time. I mean,hypothetically, if I were to go and rape someone, it’d be woman fully dressed. I don’t see any fun in stripping down a woman who is already stripped. That’s not even work. If I were a rapist, I’d think half the fun was in making the girl naked and making her willing (well partly). But hey.. maybe that’s just me.

The other thing I don’t understand is how people blame it on the culture. I’ve heard many people present vague arguments about how rape is increasing because of the modern culture. Well, from what I’ve gathered, rape was a very big hit in the ancient times where major religions allowed rape. I remember my history teacher explaining me how being raped by a priest was considered a forgivable act before the French Revolution came to France. And who could forget rapes during the middle ages where after most wars were won were the women of the lost city raped and ravaged by the soldiers. Not so much time has passed before raping a slave or his kin was something to be frowned upon. So, I don’t think it’s a new thing brought upon by what people vaguely refer to as “the modern culture”.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m strictly against the act of rape. What I mean to say is, stop with these accusations. A woman has a right to dress any way she wants and it doesn’t provoke a guy into raping. A man set in his minds with the intent of raping will rape even those who are fully dressed or even those who don’t fit into the criteria of “being attractive” like a child, or an old woman (no offense to anyone who feels otherwise). I mean if you feel like doing it so much, just go to the corner and shag yourself to hell. Likewise, blaming anything else like the culture, the family, the religion only brings more arguments instead of discussions into the picture. A problem doesn’t end by accusations but by proposing solutions.


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