Those moments I realised you were special:

When you called me a pervert for my dark and twisted humor but laughed at the jokes anyway

When you left your date and went to the bathroom just to check my voicemails

When you kept messaging me when I didn’t want to talk to you

When watching you smile ( and even remembering you smile) is enough to put a big smile on my face

When we made that plan to jump together from a tall building in a panda suit

When you’d get excited about the little things in life and make me feel happy about my accomplishments

When you’d say “5 more minutes” everytime I tried to wake you up and I stayed there watching you get the most out of those 5 minutes

When you’d be really pissed at me and yell at me with a suppressed voice just so that I don’t feel bad

When we used to play monopoly for the better part of the night and you’d give an evil laugh everytime I had to pay

When you made me watch Mr. Bean movies all night because you thought I was depressed; and you sat beside me and pretended to be awake the whole time just so I’d watch the movies

When getting drunk and having deep conversations with you happened during the day with nothing more than 2 bottles of cocacola because you knew I don’t drink alcohol

When I think of you Because I’m sad and I feel less sad

When we’d play truth and you’d answer all the weird ass questions I asked

When you hugged me tight and I knew that everything would be okay

And all the times you did those small things that made me feel special

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