10 Random phrases and sentences I have used this month 

10 Random phrases and sentences I have used this month. 1. Maybe we can jump together. 2. A little nudity doesn’t hurt kids. We should be teaching them about sex and masturbation before the age of 10. 3. OK. Where do I turn from here? 4. Did we meet some days ago or was it… Continue reading 10 Random phrases and sentences I have used this month 

A minute of happiness

I ran out and looked around; she was parking her scooter on the sideway. An old friend I hadn’t met for a very long time. I asked her to come in. My office was on the second floor and it was almost closing time. I’d come down leaving an intern hung up on a question.… Continue reading A minute of happiness

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When Tragedies become Normal

Regarding the earthquake that happened in India just now, I told a friend that I’ve stopped feeling that earthquakes are much of a tragedy now.. It reminds me of a video by Henry Reich of minutephysics titled “When Insanity Becomes Normal”.. Is it that I have started treating “non-normal tragedies” as “normal events” because they… Continue reading When Tragedies become Normal

Don’t tell me.. (Incomplete)

You might see me as an injured person from afar. You might get worried because of the blood and the bandages everywhere. But Do not ask me to open my bandages just because you are a little curious to what is inside. Trust me when I tell you that your curiosity will end in a… Continue reading Don’t tell me.. (Incomplete)

Childhood memories: 3. Of many thoughts in one

Until a few years ago, I was one of those kids who used to frequently do favors for other classmates. This included, sometimes, doing their homework.  I never knew why I did it because I never got recognition and only a few thanked me for doing it. I wasn’t paid and moved closer to being… Continue reading Childhood memories: 3. Of many thoughts in one

The last day of College

            The last day of college was an amazing thing for me. Not because I had mixed feelings. Not because I was going to miss people. Not because I was happy that college was finally over. Not because I was sad that I was going to lose a lot of friends. It’s because other people… Continue reading The last day of College

The story of a chocolate

Hey guys.. Here’s a story I want you to read but not read into. Once there was a factory which wanted to create a chocolate bar which contained things that people liked. They asked people for suggestions one by one to add everything that people wanted to the chocolate bar. They asked around. A group… Continue reading The story of a chocolate

Helping in fear

Today, in the afternoon, I had to drop my aunt home. When I was returning back, I noticed a guy calling. “Dai (Brother)” he shouted as I slowed my scooter to a stop. He came rushing; limping, but rushing. “Which road are you going by? Could you drop me a little ahead?” He asked. I… Continue reading Helping in fear