I find myself “rude” for a generation that doesn’t understand anything more than traditions. As if you’re just rude for doing things in a different way. Like greet someone with a hello and a handshake rather than a “Namaste”. I find myself “rude” for a generation who thinks touching  someone else of a different sex… Continue reading Rude

dream of twins

I sometimes wish I had twins born on different dates.. You know.. by some chance.. my wife has twins… And one of them would be born at 11:58 and I’d shout “Honey.. hold the second one in for 2 more minutes” I know its a very slim chance.. but hey, its worth dreaming about.

Just words

Been caught up? Can’t get past it? You know deep down you’re addicted.. like its become a habit that you’re so afraid to change… maybe because you’re unsure of what’s out there.. Whether the new will accept you.. But let me tell you something.. You deserve better.. I know its a big leap.. But we’re… Continue reading Just words