Don’t tell me.. (Incomplete)

You might see me as an injured person from afar. You might get worried because of the blood and the bandages everywhere. But Do not ask me to open my bandages just because you are a little curious to what is inside. Trust me when I tell you that your curiosity will end in a… Continue reading Don’t tell me.. (Incomplete)

Let him go!

Let him go my dear; he’s not worth your time. He treats you worse than he treats his wine. Let him go my dear; I can say from your scars – that he takes pleasuring himself way too far. Let him go my dear; you’ve shed too many tears. You claim to be in love,… Continue reading Let him go!


Stubborn you It’s what you do – You take something unimportant And start your useless rants. Like clattering of dancing shoes you make noise while you argue. You even try to stage up a fight just to prove that you were right. But your so called “arguments” – they lack logic; in the least to… Continue reading Stubborn

I Dream

I dream of a world made of chocolates and cake Where there would be no hunger And people can eat their fill anytime they wanted I dream of a world where science triumphs Where one believes in oneself Rather than an imaginary deity of some sort I dream of a world where true love wins… Continue reading I Dream

And the feeling becomes mutual

The roses do not wish to bloom for you, Nor do you seem interested in giving them a smile. You’ve torn through hundreds of their petals; And the thorns have pricked you many-a-times. It is not that the roses do not miss your smile, Or that you have lost admiration for a rose’s beauty. But,… Continue reading And the feeling becomes mutual

All she could see

In front of her There was a man Asking for forgiveness For mistakes he didn’t do And all she could see was that she was right. Inside the man there lay a broken heart Battered and Tattered From distrust and dishonesty And all she could see Was that she was right. And although his mind… Continue reading All she could see


Snippets of poetry I write.. ************************************************* Because it is always in a human to err And in that aspect, we do not differ A perfect life would be a life of waste What are we but students of mistakes? *********************************************** The world is a better place because of miseries As they make you realize how… Continue reading Snippets