Beyond the horizon they say

Beyond the mountain they say Lies a valley full of happiness And I wonder why it is That they say but never go Beyond the ocean they say Is an island made of gold But I’ve seen people come ashore With less than a breadcrumb to their name Beyond the skin they say Lies the… Continue reading Beyond the horizon they say

Patriotism: The Nepali Way

Ever since I was a child, I was told that I was very lucky to be citizen of my country. I was told that my pride for my country should be the greatest and that I should hold my patriotism close to my heart. It was like they wanted to inject patriotism in our blood… Continue reading Patriotism: The Nepali Way

The last day of College

            The last day of college was an amazing thing for me. Not because I had mixed feelings. Not because I was going to miss people. Not because I was happy that college was finally over. Not because I was sad that I was going to lose a lot of friends. It’s because other people… Continue reading The last day of College

She loves me?

“She loves me not”, Said the last flower petal – That I subconsciously tore through In her sweet memory. “She loves me so”, Said the old Indian song – That I tend to hear every day these days In her sweet memory. “She loves me not”, Say my very close friends. They tell me that… Continue reading She loves me?

You Online

Ever since I met you, there’s been this feeling inside Butterflies in my heart; that I haven’t been able to hide Every minute I talk to you, I feel like I’ve turned young And its silly because – talking is the only thing we’ve done Everyday that I sit on my computer, and wait for… Continue reading You Online

dream of twins

I sometimes wish I had twins born on different dates.. You know.. by some chance.. my wife has twins… And one of them would be born at 11:58 and I’d shout “Honey.. hold the second one in for 2 more minutes” I know its a very slim chance.. but hey, its worth dreaming about.


Stubborn you It’s what you do – You take something unimportant And start your useless rants. Like clattering of dancing shoes you make noise while you argue. You even try to stage up a fight just to prove that you were right. But your so called “arguments” – they lack logic; in the least to… Continue reading Stubborn

The Teacher

He doesn’t know why he becomes so scared, Even though we know – he has come prepared. He teaches well; apart from some spelling mistakes. He tries to improve and does all that it takes. The last-benchers cannot hear his fading voice, And his shouts are demeaned by the classroom noise. The students don’t respect… Continue reading The Teacher

An Idea in Exile

An idea is banished to common exile. Just because some rich people can’t smile – At the thought of an Idea so pure that, time and civilization, it has endured. An idea in exile because of the rich. For the poor may find out which is which. The rich may lose their evil methods of… Continue reading An Idea in Exile