The drawback of knowledge

In my world of colour Where the combinations were plentiful I had embraced the sunlight With the notion that I would see more But I do not know why The colours started fading slowly And all I could see was Black, white and shades of gray And I’ve been told that the sunlight is necessary… Continue reading The drawback of knowledge

Don’t tell me.. (Incomplete)

You might see me as an injured person from afar. You might get worried because of the blood and the bandages everywhere. But Do not ask me to open my bandages just because you are a little curious to what is inside. Trust me when I tell you that your curiosity will end in a… Continue reading Don’t tell me.. (Incomplete)

the phone call

A ring on the phone; I picked it up. “Hello?” I said, the same was the reply. “How are you?” followed from the other end. “Good. Why did you call?” I inquired. “I dont know” you answered. And I couldn’t believe my ears. They are not used to hearing such meaningless words. For it has… Continue reading the phone call

When she cried

I could see – lines running through her cheeks. Those places where her makeup had worn off And salty waters had absorbed the whitish powder. Her face was blunt; Her nose dripping, as she slowly wiped the extra liquid off with her finger, making that light sniffing sound sad people make. Her eyes were red;… Continue reading When she cried

The rains

There is a woman Bathing in the waters of the clouds As quick as she can For she fears the supply may run out Bathing with delight She enjoys each drop as if it were her last And yes she was right For the clouds above her head were soon past And she is quick… Continue reading The rains

Oh Pretty Girl

Oh! Pretty girl who lives within the trees Why don’t you smile and come down? It is hard to see you between the leaves But it is clear that you’ve set a frown Is it because the leaves are wilting away? Is it because they’re turning brown? Is it because the fruits seem to decay;… Continue reading Oh Pretty Girl

The Eternal Dance

For the most of his life he danced To a completely silent tune And he danced To a tune with no music To a song with no lyrics And he danced all day and night The dance expressed a song A very happy song And the way he moved The way he danced It showed… Continue reading The Eternal Dance

Loss Of Innocence

The innocence that I saw in her eyes Has faded away as the time flies. The innocence that I loved in her, is no more; It has been taken over by pride so sore. And her hair, her face, her smile, her breast, Her hands, her legs and all the rest Are all the same… Continue reading Loss Of Innocence