Don’t tell me.. (Incomplete)

You might see me as an injured person from afar. You might get worried because of the blood and the bandages everywhere. But Do not ask me to open my bandages just because you are a little curious to what is inside. Trust me when I tell you that your curiosity will end in a… Continue reading Don’t tell me.. (Incomplete)

My Love

My love, you see, if you were not occupied There would be no reason for my love to hide Although my love for you seems to be crystal clear The present circumstances do not favor us, I fear And everyday we talk to each other with a friendly face And everyday I’m dying to disappear… Continue reading My Love

Between you and me

Between you and me There exists a distance. Although our bodies may be Wrapped together in lust, We know that our minds Are millions of miles apart. Maybe because we think alike. And like poles repel, they say. Between you and me There exists a tension. Mostly caused by self-hatred The simple truth behind lies.… Continue reading Between you and me

The Violinist

As he laid his head on her cold shoulder She ran her finger tips across his neck. She searched for a pulse, as he grew colder And waited – until he was no longer awake. She then took out her lean long blade And ran it slowly over his apple’s end; A loud shriek, which slowly,… Continue reading The Violinist

Loss Of Innocence

The innocence that I saw in her eyes Has faded away as the time flies. The innocence that I loved in her, is no more; It has been taken over by pride so sore. And her hair, her face, her smile, her breast, Her hands, her legs and all the rest Are all the same… Continue reading Loss Of Innocence