Patriotism: The Nepali Way

Ever since I was a child, I was told that I was very lucky to be citizen of my country. I was told that my pride for my country should be the greatest and that I should hold my patriotism close to my heart. It was like they wanted to inject patriotism in our blood… Continue reading Patriotism: The Nepali Way

The last day of College

            The last day of college was an amazing thing for me. Not because I had mixed feelings. Not because I was going to miss people. Not because I was happy that college was finally over. Not because I was sad that I was going to lose a lot of friends. It’s because other people… Continue reading The last day of College


I really don’t understand the culture we have of teachers making us write notes in class. I mean, he could simply send notes to students by a second’s click through email. Instead, I’ve seen most teachers waste precious time dictating definitions, sentences, paragraphs and even punctuation. The same time, ladies and gentlemen, which could have been used for… Continue reading Spoonfed


“Oh! set her free” Shouts the large crowd “We should set her free” Since her husband breathes no longer We should ensure – so shouldn’t she We shouldn’t question the word of God For she is now a widow, a suttee “Oh! set her free” Shouts the large crowd “We should set her free” Let us… Continue reading Suttee