She loves me?

“She loves me not”, Said the last flower petal – That I subconsciously tore through In her sweet memory. “She loves me so”, Said the old Indian song – That I tend to hear every day these days In her sweet memory. “She loves me not”, Say my very close friends. They tell me that… Continue reading She loves me?

The rains

There is a woman Bathing in the waters of the clouds As quick as she can For she fears the supply may run out Bathing with delight She enjoys each drop as if it were her last And yes she was right For the clouds above her head were soon past And she is quick… Continue reading The rains

You Online

Ever since I met you, there’s been this feeling inside Butterflies in my heart; that I haven’t been able to hide Every minute I talk to you, I feel like I’ve turned young And its silly because – talking is the only thing we’ve done Everyday that I sit on my computer, and wait for… Continue reading You Online

Between you and me

Between you and me There exists a distance. Although our bodies may be Wrapped together in lust, We know that our minds Are millions of miles apart. Maybe because we think alike. And like poles repel, they say. Between you and me There exists a tension. Mostly caused by self-hatred The simple truth behind lies.… Continue reading Between you and me

The Violinist

As he laid his head on her cold shoulder She ran her finger tips across his neck. She searched for a pulse, as he grew colder And waited – until he was no longer awake. She then took out her lean long blade And ran it slowly over his apple’s end; A loud shriek, which slowly,… Continue reading The Violinist


Snippets of poetry I write.. ************************************************* Because it is always in a human to err And in that aspect, we do not differ A perfect life would be a life of waste What are we but students of mistakes? *********************************************** The world is a better place because of miseries As they make you realize how… Continue reading Snippets