I’m writing a story

I am writing a story, and it goes like this. The protagonist – me – is sitting with a girl on the floor in the corner of the room all curled up because of the cold. We’re having a conversation on things that might seem irrelevant to a passer by. We smile and laugh and… Continue reading I’m writing a story

The story of a chocolate

Hey guys.. Here’s a story I want you to read but not read into. Once there was a factory which wanted to create a chocolate bar which contained things that people liked. They asked people for suggestions one by one to add everything that people wanted to the chocolate bar. They asked around. A group… Continue reading The story of a chocolate

Helping in fear

Today, in the afternoon, I had to drop my aunt home. When I was returning back, I noticed a guy calling. “Dai (Brother)” he shouted as I slowed my scooter to a stop. He came rushing; limping, but rushing. “Which road are you going by? Could you drop me a little ahead?” He asked. I… Continue reading Helping in fear

The Eternal Dance

For the most of his life he danced To a completely silent tune And he danced To a tune with no music To a song with no lyrics And he danced all day and night The dance expressed a song A very happy song And the way he moved The way he danced It showed… Continue reading The Eternal Dance