when I’m gone

About Two days later, at the crack of dawn Shortly after the time you find that I’m gone And you sit there gathering your thoughts and senses As the water on the window pane slowly condenses And you finally realise that i will not come again Don’t let your thoughts wander, don’t let your eyes… Continue reading when I’m gone


Cheers for a day of sadness, that felt forever lain beside you; Cheers for the gloomy evenings, that worked so hard to divide you. Cheers for the muddled smile on faces, that forced you to look inside; Cheers for times you felt so desperate, that your feelings you couldn’t hide. Cheers for all all the… Continue reading Cheers

The sad clown

The clown’s humor has become so frequent – that he is never taken seriously And when people hear him say something serious They laugh it off as mere jokes “I’m serious” says he, with a determined voice. “We know” they say, as they laugh it away. It has become so that he can now Hide… Continue reading The sad clown

When she cried

I could see – lines running through her cheeks. Those places where her makeup had worn off And salty waters had absorbed the whitish powder. Her face was blunt; Her nose dripping, as she slowly wiped the extra liquid off with her finger, making that light sniffing sound sad people make. Her eyes were red;… Continue reading When she cried

Let him go!

Let him go my dear; he’s not worth your time. He treats you worse than he treats his wine. Let him go my dear; I can say from your scars – that he takes pleasuring himself way too far. Let him go my dear; you’ve shed too many tears. You claim to be in love,… Continue reading Let him go!

Between you and me

Between you and me There exists a distance. Although our bodies may be Wrapped together in lust, We know that our minds Are millions of miles apart. Maybe because we think alike. And like poles repel, they say. Between you and me There exists a tension. Mostly caused by self-hatred The simple truth behind lies.… Continue reading Between you and me

Why am I not worried?

Please tell me, Why am I not worried when The world around me is filled with blood stains? When people do wrong for personal gains; When only a hint of human morality remains. Why is it that I do not feel like crying? When so many people around me are dying; When I see people… Continue reading Why am I not worried?

Lies within the truth

I haven’t seen you laugh Nor have I heard you cry But these statements although facts Carry with them enormous lies For I have heard you chuckle and laugh, and even giggle when I’m not in the room And yet it is with sadness that I say that I’ve never seen your face bloom And… Continue reading Lies within the truth


I know a gal who has tears of gold And she’s cried many times before me And although her laugh is loud and bold she sheds her tears so very silently It always starts the same way;her eyes- They swell up as she rubs them slow And then smiles and looks up high and runs… Continue reading Untitled